Greetings; and thank you for stopping by my website. I’ve made some recent changes and added a ‘Free Reads’ page. It’s still in progress (I’m working on getting the PDFs linked). Feel free to click buttons and peruse the different pages. You will find book and event information, reading samples, my blog, etc. My (in-progress) bio is included below. I’m happy to any answer any questions you may have: send me an email or leave me a message below. You can also follow me on social media (see sidebar). Happy browsing!

A little about myself…I could draw pictures before I could put sentences together. Eventually, though, I figured out how to do both; and so I am now both the author and cover designer of several books (fiction and non-fiction) which center on women’s experiences. I still design but focus all my free time on writing. I currently live in North Carolina with my husband and three children. My work is available at most major online bookstores. I can be reached via email at or you can leave a message below.