Once Upon A Time

All good stories start somewhere and mine began with a shy, imaginative child who loved to draw. It was my sole purpose in life – telling stories with pictures. Then I learned how to write and a world of possibilities opened up to me: the stories I imagined I could now express in words. I penned my first full-length story when I was fifteen and have continued writing since then – first in journals, followed by short stories and finally in book form, publishing my first novel, After The Call, in 2006. It was a non-fiction account of my journey towards destiny; and while I enjoyed writing it, my preferred genre has become women’s fiction/romance. My subsequent books, Stepmother’s Anonymous and Speak Tenderly To Her, speak to such topics as love and forgiveness, while Stay With Me focuses on mental illness and stigmas. I also write Biblical fiction and short stories, which I offer as free reads on Wattpad (links can be found on my Bookshelf page). I still draw, but as of lately focus all my free time on writing. I can’t tell you how my story will end, but as an adamant believer in happy endings, I will say the destination is going to be worth the journey. Feel free to contact me directly at ruthegriffin@outlook.com or via social media (see footer). Happy reading!