Hello World!

After creating my account with WordPress, I was advised to modify the title of my introductory post and rewrite the message. Well, I’ll definitely change the message, but I think I’ll leave the title. It’s fitting. My first blog to the world and I title it ‘hello…’

Okay, maybe it lacks imagination, but why use twenty words when one will suffice? Why ignore social mores when you can fulfill them in two quick seconds?

My older children (both teenagers) are at that age where apparently saying ‘hello’, ‘good-bye’ and ‘good-night’ is no longer cool, it’s beneath them, and well, it’s a chore to open your mouth and say something nice.

Sadly, I find it’s also true of some adults out there. But i am not writing a social commentary here. I hated those assignments in high school and I’m not going to trap myself in that. I started this blog, because, like everyone else, I have an opinion and occasionally, i like to express it (especially with two, sometimes three, and a half teenagers in the house).

So, with that said…Hello World!

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