Stepmothers Anonymous

Guilt is a powerful motivator. We do things because of it – good, bad and in between – and then we usually write a book because it. I am no exception.

My latest work, Stepmothers Anonymous, tells the story of Abbey, an average, overweight single mother whose life revolves around her two daughters. Then she meets handsome and charming Bradley Mauer, who sweeps her off her feet. She’s ready to live happily-ever-after – until reality set in, bringing with it an incorrigible stepdaughter, newfound telekinetic powers and betrayal by friends and family. Not even the support of her stepmothers’ group is enough to belay her life from meeting the same fate as the fairy tale villainess. So with few options left to her, Abbey decides to embrace her role as a wicked stepmother and make her own happy ending.

Sounds like a super-fantastic read, you say. What kind of guilt could have possibly inspired you to pen this book?

Well, in the book, Abbey accidentally runs over her stepdaughter’s foot, leading her to believe she is a wicked stepmother. And if artists draw their inspiration from life, then it’s safe to say Abbey was only mirroring what her creator did.

That’s right: I ran over my stepson’s foot. It was an accident, but I can’t help looking back on that episode with shame. I mean, how reckless do you have to be to not know your child is not in the car, while you pull forward, their foot in the path of the wheel? How oblivious are you to not hear their cries, only to have a bystander inform you you just ran over your child’s foot? And how self-absorbed are you to then write a book about it? Seriously, what kind of mother or stepmother…nay, what kind of monster does that make me?

That question, among others, was the basis for my book. I tilled the fields of my mind with it until Stepmothers Anonymous was born. The good news is, my stepson is fine. In fact, he took the whole thing better than I did. The not-so-good news is I’m still working through my guilt, but now I have you to share it with. 

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