Christmas Vacation

As a general rule, I despise daytime television. There’s nothing on, except people embarrassing themselves for the sake of entertainment. There’s educational stuff on various networks, but the good stuff is usually reserved for prime time, which is when I prefer to watch television. So for those reasons, I limit the amount of time my children spend in front of the boob tube – which puts a wrench in the ‘vacation’ that is supposed to be December 26 through January 2. There’s no snow here in my part of North Carolina, so I can’t throw them outside to play. It’s also raining, so again I can’t throw them outside to play. And they’re teenagers anyway – they don’t play. But at their ages, they should be able to entertain themselves…right?

Maybe – if I didn’t limit their time with electronics. I mean, if I don’t allow them time on the computer, if they can’t play with their DS or watch television until way later, what else are they going to do? Heaven forbid they pull out the board games, or voluntarily get a book. School assignments are nothing more than ploys by sadistic teachers to get themto think over ‘vacation’. And forget about cleaning up after themselves – that’s not going to happen without heavy persuasion of the parental type.

So what am I supposed to do? I have several projects to work on and I want to write, but I can only ignore them for so long; plus they know all my hiding spots. I’m not saying I’m hiding right now, but I know it’s just a matter of time before they come looking for me. It’s wrong to want vacation to be over, but I’m not sure I can last five more days like this. I might have to break down and let them rot their brains on daytime television. 

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