My Blog

Since I’m thirteen blogs in, I thought I should give you some idea as to what my blog is about.

There are a couple of blogs I follow: Ruth Ann Nordin’s, one of my favorite romance writers (yeah, I know…); and Brianna Carp’s, of The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness. In my opinion, these blogs have purpose: they educate and entertain, drawing readers in with their wit and their words. So with this in mind, I ask myself, what is my purpose? What am I trying to accomplish here?

I think about writers like Emma Bombeck, Art Buchwald and John Grogan, who wrote newspaper columns then the way people write blogs today. They discussed family, politics and a dog named Marley. They wrote what they knew and briefly brightened up the lives of those who followed them. That’s what I want to do, what I want to accomplish here – I want to share my life, my experiences, myself…to be transparent, if you will. And maybe my well of knowledge doesn’t run very deep, but after so many trips around this sun, I’ve learned this much: we are not alone in our experiences and when we have someone to share them with, it makes life that much more enjoyable.

That’s what my blog is about.

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