My First Review

I’m opening up a Pandora’s Box here, but when my youngest found out I was starting a blog, she asked me to write about her. So here goes: she’s witty, clever and quick. She will talk with you, not at you, looking you in the eye, as though you are her equal. She’s also hungry – all the time; lucky for her though, she’s a gymnast, so she doesn’t worry about gaining weight. Oh yeah, she is also stubborn.  Very stubborn. 

When I was writing Stepmothers Anonymous, she helped me come up with ideas; some were great and some – not so much (“just kill everyone and be done with it…”). So after I completed my first draft, I proudly put it in her hands and awaited her opinion. She briefly flipped through it, then handed it back, informing me I had to rewrite the first sentence. I looked at it: My name is Abbeygail and I am a wicked stepmother.

What’s wrong with it?” I asked.

My teacher said that’s not the way you’re supposed to start a paper.”

I suppressed a chuckle, glad she was paying attention in school, and explained it was okay to start the book like that. She didn’t buy it and has, to this day, refused to even look at it because of that sentence. Knowing how she feels about my book, I jokingly asked her the other day to consider writing a review for me. This is what I got from her:

Don’t read it! You can’t get past the first sentence.

I think even God couldn’t help but laugh at that review. But don’t let her opinion sway you. Read the book yourself. 

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