It’s been a few days and I have to admit, coming up with topics is not as easy as one would think. You’d think something would have caught my attention by now, but nothing has. I did nothing Saturday. Sunday was spent resting, which is what you’re supposed to do on the sabbath. I was back at work Monday and I sit here writing now while I wait for my youngest to finish her gymnastics class. I shouldn’t be at a loss for words or ideas, but I am.

And so I multitask, trying to write and do research so at least I am productive, while listening to the 80’s muzak playing over the P.A. system. It’s not bad – I recognize most of the songs (I think I have most of them on my iPod) and I wonder why there aren’t more songs like these, instead of the junk that passes off as music today.

Wow, I sounded like my mother then.

But wait, I’m supposed to be writing. Where did I leave off? Or was I researching something? Or maybe I’m so tired of doing both, a game of Freecell would inspire me…

I’m thirsty. I should get some water. What should I cook for dinner tonight?

The blog – I’m supposed to be concentrating on my blog…

What should I wear tomorrow?

If I publish this, people are going to think I’m schizophrenic…

I should plan my vacation for this year – soon…

I know that song Kinda sappy and I haven’t heard it in about two decades, but still cool…

Alright, no more distractions. Write!

What’s that smell?

Spider solitaire anyone? Or maybe Stupid Zombies?

I’m hitting publish before I get anymore distracted.

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