Be the change you want to see. Become a voice.”

That was the message my pastor shared yesterday. It was apropos; after all, that’s what Dr. King did. In an era when blacks didn’t have a voice, he became their voice (or one of…). He spoke, he did, he fought for the vision he saw so ardently in his heart: equality; realizing we are all God’s children and the apples of his eye; looking beyond our traditions and coming to the place where we can love one another, in spite of our differences.

That’s a big vision, a big change.

But I’m preaching to the choir here, aren’t I? This is just one of many posts, articles and tributes that will be published today. And it’s been decades since he first stepped out into the public arena, decades since he was assassinated for his voice. Surely we’re moved beyond what was…

To some degree, I believe we have. But we still have a ways to go – all of us. It wasn’t just Dr. King’s dream or his voice that was supposed to get the job done. He was just the snowball on the mountain’s edge. Push it over and it gains mass. It gains momentum. It gains strength. We have to step out into the path of that snowball. We have to find our voice and be the change Dr. King saw.

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