Update on New Year’s Resolution

As you may recall, aside from the other resolutions that don’t count (you know, eating healthy, exercising more, yada, yada, yada – like the letters R-S-T-N-E on Wheel of Fortune), I made only one resolution this year – not to buy anymore purses.

It’s Day 20 and I can proudly say I have not bought any purses. My resolve has been weakening, though. Or it was, until Wednesday night. I had to take my oldest daughter to the Urgent Care (she smashed her hand – three times – don’t ask) and I asked her if the New Year’s resolution still applied if I got a gift card, because my biggest issue in all this was spending money. Logic tells me no. However, she had a different response.

“Yes, it still applies.” Then she looked at me with her big, brown eyes and added, “You promised.”

Well, with an answer like that, I have no choice but to keep my resolution. Besides, it’s not like this is for eternity; I’ve only got 346 more days to go.

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