Update on Stepmothers Anonymous

It’s time to update the ole’ to-do list.

Stepmothers Anonymous is available in paperback form from Amazon and CreateSpace! You can also get the ebook from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. I am excited to be able to check this off the list and happy to move onto the next task at hand – promotions. It’s never an easy task promoting yourself (especially if you’re an introvert), but I am proud of my work and want to share it with as many folks as possible. You can help, if you’re so inclined: read the book, write a review (preferably a good one), share it with your friends. Let me know what you think; I am a sucker for compliments and I appreciate honest feedback (after I move past the initial reaction of “who do they think they are…?” — just kidding).

Below is the updated list for your perusal. Ah, the joy of crossing things out…

  • Release Stepmothers Anonymous in other ereader formats (NOOK, iPad, Sony, etc.) and in print (first quarter 2012).

  • Run several promotionals/contests/giveaways – announced here and on Facebook (first quarter 2012).

  • Begin new story series on my blog about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, starting with the Immaculate Conception and culminating in the birth of Jesus Christ (March 15 – December 25).

  • Complete and submit the screenplay of Stepmothers Anonymous to Scriptapalooza’s annual screenwriting contest (insert hyperlink) (April 16).

  • Begin my next book, either Stepdaughter Confidential, which is told from the viewpoint of Sara, from Stepmothers Anonymous, who finds that the choices she makes will affect everyone she loves; or Love Thy Neighbor, a romance tale between two neighbors, which is the first of four books (May 2012). We’ll see which one wins out.

  • Get followers (as soon as possible).

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