My Valentine

I’ve got the best husband in the world. Would it be because he gave me jewelry and a box of candy for the holiday? Or perhaps a romantic dinner away from the kids? Perhaps because he bought an expensive gift for me, or gave me free-reign of the credit card (yeah, right)? The fact is, I got none of those things. He simply gave me a card.

That probably sounds dull and unromantic and you’re probably right, but you have to understand that’s because my husband is not very romantic – he’s practical. Our first Christmas together he gave me a pair of running shoes. I was not impressed and told him so. After thinking about it, though, I had to admit it was good gift. You see, I was five months pregnant and had swollen ankles. He was being incredibly thoughtful, while I was being ungrateful.

Well, this same man whom I pledged my life to, told me after we began dating that Valentine’s Day was a commercial holiday and he didn’t need someone telling him when to appreciate the one he loved. It’s a lovely sentiment, but it only means you’re the only one not celebrating the day. And after eighteen years, you get use to it.

So imagine my surprise when I come home to find the card. And not just any card, but a two-foot card with a teddy bear and lots of red hearts on it. My heart melts even as I write about it now. I know the thoughtfulness and love that went into it and that is better than any dinner, necklace or getaway he could have given me (though I still wouldn’t mind getting away from the kids for the evening).

Happy Valentine’s, my love. 

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