Reaping What I Sowed…

I suppose I’m only reaping what I sowed, but it’s not like I was a hellion growing up. I talked a lot. I tried to make a statement with the clothes and jewelry I wore (I don’t remember what that statement was, but it was the glorious 80’s – how serious could it have been?). I wore mini skirts and when my mom objected, I wore something else and changed into the mini skirt when I got to school. I bleached my hair until it was an unnatural copper color and spiked it on its ends. I tried to be the center of attention most of the time – a diva, if you will.

So I shouldn’t be surprised that my oldest daughter is following in my footsteps and taking my diva-ness to the next level. Or that she came home with a new ear piercing yesterday, one she got from a friend at school. My first reaction was shock and I fussed at her (particularly about the lack of hygienic equipment), but I let her keep it when I thought about how I would have done the same when I was her age (she’s not getting anymore piercings, though).

She’s a good kid (when her hormones aren’t raging or when she’s not getting her ears pierced without permission), so I can’t complain, but it amazes me how much our children unwittingly take after us. My son, from a young age, reflected his grandfather’s mannerisms and choice of foods, though he only saw him 2-3 times a year. My youngest has the wit of a middle-aged man – specifically, her father – and she loves sports – another of her father’s interests. And my other daughter, the one with the new piercing – I make it a point to hide the incriminating photos and deny everything my sisters tell her about me.

Genetics are funny that way, but this is what makes being a parent so unpredictable and endearing. I love to see me in my kids; it makes me marvel at the God who created us all. And when I have to deal with days like yesterday and accept the not-so-good with the good – well, I can only say I look forward to the day when my daughter gets married and has a daughter of her own, who is as much a diva as she ever was. 

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