Doughnuts (Day 2)

A day and a half into Lent and I’m craving doughnuts.

I normally don’t care for doughnuts. And I know this is all psychological, since I’m giving up sweets for forty days (thirty eight and a half now), but really…doughnuts? Why not tiramisu? Or deep fried ice cream? Or something more decadent like cheesecake? What is wrong with me? Are my tastes not refined enough?

Or maybe simple is better? What’s wrong with a piece of dough that’s been fried to perfection and then covered with the thin glaze of chocolate (or sugar)? Is it not as delectable as other said desserts? Would I not be just as satisfied with it as I would with the others?

I probably would, which then begs the question, am I’m easily compromised? Should I be worried about my moral standing? Am I corrupt?

All because I’d eat a doughnut? I’ll worry about this when I start to see doughnuts everywhere. For now, though, I’ll just lay off the caffeine.

Mmm, coffee and doughnuts…

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