Lost and Found

I downloaded Katie Herzig’s song, Lost and Found, a couple of days ago and have since become a fan. Her music is refreshing, even as her lyrics are mournful. Yet, there is a hope present, that though she is lost, she is found too.

A theme we are in desperate need of.

Like many of you, I am following the dominating story of the day – the school shooting in Ohio. As I write, the alleged gunman has made his first appearance in juvenile court and another family is grieving the passing of their child. Three dead and two more wounded. It’s hard to watch the images as they flash on the screen and harder to think that this is just a beginning: the students of that school are off until Friday, but are encouraged to visit with the grief counselors on-site. The parents of the deceased have to make funeral arrangements. The wounded have to recover. The community has to heal. The guilty will go on trial. The nation will watch and speculate, praying they aren’t next. My heart is heavy and words escape me. I want to pray, but I don’t know what to say, except, Dear God…

But maybe that’s enough. In a world that’s fallen, and falling, maybe we just need a little more God – as Katie Herzig wrote, someone to save me, cry for me, and let me see the sun setting for me. Someone who will find me, even as I am lost, even while I’m lost. We can and should attend to the physical needs of the family and the community, but only God can help us make sense of the senseless. Only he can give us peace when we can’t find the answers we want. Only he can help us heal. Only he can find us when we’re lost.

And right now, we’re lost.

Dear God…

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