What’s on My Bookshelf?

My middle child (the one with the new piercing), declared today, I have a book emergency. We need to go to the library.

It was too late at that point to run to the library, but the point was taken – she needed something to read. I can relate. I enjoy reading, being transported, as others say, to magical lands filled with fantastical creatures (I’m a science fiction fan); of places where everyone lives happily ever after (I also love romances) and the butler isn’t always guilty (I’ve been known to indulge in mysteries). I usually finish one book, just to start on another. Like my daughter, I tend to go into crisis-mode when I don’t have a book to available to read.

Fortunately right now, I’m not having a book emergency.

I once read a literary agent’s blog where she shared what was on her iPod while she worked, and I thought it would be fun to share what is on my Kindle’s bookshelf (‘Running up that Hill’ by Placebo is currently playing on my iPod, in case you’re wondering).


‘His Redeeming Bride’ by Ruth Ann Nordin — Neil has a thriving farm, a beautiful eight year old daughter and a bad reputation. Sarah has a newborn son, no place to go and lots of pride. Thrown together by circumstance, each learn to look past the façades they have built and accept a love that’s beyond anything they’re known. It’s romantic in all the right spots and heartwarming; it’s also a quick read, with characters who are easy to root for and fall in love with.

‘Origin’ by J.A. Konrath — I generally do not like horror stories, but I was intrigued when I read the synopsis to this book. Andy is dragged out of his bed by the Secret Service. It seems the government has an important, top-secret translating job for him out in the middle of the desert – communicating with a massive, demon-like creature, who may be Satan or may not. Some parts unbelievably gory, but all-in-all, the story was good.

’33AD’ by David McAfee — I’ve been known to read paranormal fiction about vampires. Not the Twilight stuff, but the bloodthirsty, unreasoning, unfeeling undead, like Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Now that’s a real vampire; and so is Theron, the antagonist of this book. He is assigned to assassinate the Jewish Rabbi, Jesus, whose teachings are conflicting with the vampire agenda. This was the premise that caught my attention, as well as the cover art: creepy and amazing at the same time. This book is not for the weak-stomached, but it was well-written and the “religion” was respectfully handled. Mr. McAfee followed it up with a sequel late last year – “61 AD”.

‘Bubba and the Dead Woman’ by CL Bevill — There’s a dead body and missing Civil War gold, but when the detective’s name is Bubba, you know you’re not reading an average mystery book. And really, that’s what made the book stand out from the others – the characters: Bubba, his mother Miz Demetrice, Sheriff John, the madame, the friendly jail warder Tee, the high school arson in jail for a month…there are too many to list here, but they were hilarious and endearing.

After the Call’ by Ruth E. Griffin — This was my first book. I wrote it several years ago, when I struggled with destiny. What I learned laid the groundwork for my writing and my life. It is a Christian book, packed with Biblical stories and revelations. One reviewer called it, “Comforting”; another, “Inspiring”.

All these books are available on Amazon and other online bookstores. I’m currently working through ‘My Lord Hades‘, a romance book by Stephannie Beman; and while the synopsis sounded interesting enough (boy meets girl, boy kidnaps girl and takes her to the underworld, girl’s mother throws a tantrum and sends the world into a year-round winter), it was the cover, with the muscular, bare-chested man sporting a deep, pensive look and a rugged five-o’clock shadow, that got my attention.

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