Ruth Griffin, Women’s Author

I tend to wax philosophical when I am overly-medicated (see Vacation Pictures), so bear with me, but I’ve been thinking about who I am lately. A huge question with far-reaching implications, but, rest assured, I am not thinking what you think I am thinking.

Simply, what kind of author am I?

I think about my blog and how many times I’ve changed the theme. Does that say, “Hey, I am a particular kind of person who likes to write”? Or does it scream, “I can’t make up my mind”? I figure as I read, so I write; which means since I love reading romances, I am a romance author…right?

Except my first book was non-fiction. And though I plan for my next few books to be romances, I also plan to write a fantasy graphic novel, an urban horror, fictional dramas, historical fiction, non-fictional books and a slew of screenplays/telescripts.

Just as I like to read graphic novels, urban horrors, historical dramas and screenplays.

So what does that make me now? Do I lose the ‘Musings’ part of my blog title and append ‘Romance Author’ to the end of my name? Or am I something more broad, like a women’s author? Maybe I just find something catchy, like ‘Renaissance Author’ to use instead? Except now I sound like I’m specializing in something only six other people with degrees from Oxford care about.

And what about the part where I am a wife, a mother, a Christian and an artist? Where do my observations under those appellations come in if I am singling myself out as a romance author? I mean, I don’t want to narrow my options, since lots of my material comes from those parts of my life (the kids especially; they are quite amusing when they’re not driving me crazy). What is the product I am offering? And will my audience find me under the title I have given myself?

Hmm, big questions with far-reaching implications (I warned you about the waxing deep part. The drugs, at this point though, are overrated and I am ready to be well again)…

I don’t have the answers tonight, but if I don’t take a risk, I’ll have gained nothing. So, without further adieu, I introduce:

Ruth Griffin, Women’s Author

I guess there’s a certain flair to it.

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