So…I’m stuck.

I’m working on the next part of Full of Grace and I’ve stumbled across a problem:

Mary is being sent to her aunt Elizabeth’s house to hide her pregnancy; the problem with that is her uncle, Zechariah, is a priest, whose life revolves around God and his laws – laws that state an adulterer should be stoned. He could easily have Mary brought up on charges of adultery, given the nature of her condition. How, then, can her parents justify sending her there? They trust Elizabeth – can they trust him? Does family trump God?

See what I mean by stuck? What do I do now?

Well, in the past, I’ve read and reread the source material (here, the Bible) until something clicks. If nothing clicks, then I play a couple of games of Freecell before going to other corresponding sources – in this case, maybe Matthew Henry, maybe, where I read, bookmark and ingest more information, followed by a cursory look at the headlines on When that fails to provide me with direction, I bug, I mean ask my family for their opinions, to see if they have anything to offer. When they look at me sideways and cross-eyed, I decide to play a few games of Spider Solitaire instead. When that fails to inspire me, I look through everything I’ve collected and think until I get tired of thinking. Then I walk away, grab a snack, see what the rest of the family is watching on T.V. and come back an hour or so later to repeat all of the above. All-in-all, the process takes about three to four days, though one time I was actually stumped for about three months. I’m hoping to move a little faster this time around.

But hey, if I don’t, I’ve got a couple new games to play – I mean, to stir my imagination.

* * *

The next installment of Full of Grace is tentatively scheduled for Friday.

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