Wanted: A Few Good Reviewers

Greetings Happy Readers,

For this summer, I am dropping the price on my ebook, Stepmothers Anonymous, to 99¢. My goal is not so much sales (though this is still a goal), but building a readership. I plan to be around for a while and continue writing, but the process is only meaningful when you have an audience to share it with. How do you acquire such an audience?

Well, one way is through reviews. It’s what the head librarian asked me for when I inquired about getting my book into the county library. And it’s what I look for when I purchase books. Reviews sell books. We want to be sure what we are getting won’t be a waste of our time and money. 

That said, I am looking for folks who would be willing to read my book and offer an honest review. For your convenience, I would gift an ebook to you. Interested? Know anyone interested? Email me at ruthegriffin@yahoo.comNeed some convincing? Check out my first official review, which I received today. I’ve linked it here for your perusal. But it looks equally good on the Barnes & Noble and Smashwords web pages

As always, I am grateful you stopped by and I look forward to sharing many more blogs, stories and books with you.

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