Full of Grace (13)

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* * *

25 Iyar (April)

The night air is chilly, but better than the day’s heat, Joseph decides. Though he likes the morning, it’s in the evening, after the day’s work has been done and everything seems to calm down, he finds satisfaction.

Sitting on the roof of his home, Joseph stretches out and turns his gaze to the stars above him. It is a moonless night, but the stars offer their own light, twinkling brightly against the dark backdrop. It’s a peaceful scene and Joseph sighs, enjoying the moment…and the way it reminds him of Mary. Perhaps it is the calm that surrounds him, or the beauty of the heavenly bodies; Joseph doesn’t try to understand it, he just delights in the reminder. It had been a couple of weeks since he had seen her – work kept him busy. Still he can’t forget her beautiful, round face; her intense black eyes and her flowing, long hair.

Joseph takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. He’s not ready to bring Mary home as his wife, he can’t be thinking like this, entertaining impure thoughts.

He takes another deep breath and turns his thoughts back to the moment. Yes, his work: another table with chairs for Malachi. His family was growing, fast. Joseph smiles; the youngest boy took an interest in his tools, in his trade, asking question after question.

One day, he thinks, he and Mary will have a son who would become a carpenter like him.

And his thoughts are back to Mary: she seemed distracted last time he saw her. Maybe she was ill, or tired; she did help her mother carry the weight of the household. He would have to check on her.


Joseph smiles at the thought.

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