Six Sentence Sunday

Greetings readers,

I thought to take a break after coming to the end of my posts for my book, Stepmothers Anonymous, but I missed you all last week. And so I’m back with an excerpt from my work-in-progress, and hopefully next book, Your Neighbor’s Love, which should follow the completion of my current blog series, Full of Grace.

Your Neighbor’s Love tells the story of David, a widower, who selflessly takes in his neighbor’s pregnant girlfriend, Leti, after a lover’s quarrel leaves her homeless. The two begin to fall in love, but life is never so simple when there’s a criminal boyfriend, a dead wife being channeled through a psychic and gun-toting kidnappers involved.

Six Sentence Sunday is a blogging experience where participants post six sentences from something they’re working on or something they’ve published. You can visit their site to check out the other participants or to join in the fun.

 * * *

David shook himself once more before he started up the stairs, priming himself for the comforts of his bed.

Then a door slammed and a woman yelled what was certainly an obscenity. Her voiced was laced with an arsenic rage that made David stop and wonder whether he should continue up the stairs or find a bus stop to sleep at. This was why he avoided his neighbors; they had no business together and now he was stuck in the middle of their lovers’ quarrel. He could call the police, but that would only add to his frustration. He just wanted to go to home. 

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