Stuck Again; or Let Me Explain…

I’m stuck again in the progression of my blog series, Full of Grace. But before I delve any deeper into this part of the post, I should explain.

I grew up with a religious grandmother. She was always in church and always admonishing us to read our Bibles. Our television programming was limited to TBNLittle House on the Prairie and The Waltons (this was the late 70’s, early 80’s). Yes, I was a bit sheltered, but I learned to love the Biblical stories and view them as more than fairy tales and myths. They were (and still are) better than any soap opera out there, containing more if not the same details you’d have thought exclusive to Soap Net: betrayal, affairs, murder; and as a bonus, you also get redemption and love.

When I was about ten-years-old, I caught a movie about Solomon. I was enchanted, seeing the characters and story fleshed out on the screen; and when the movie was done, I ran to my Bible to read the story, only to discover the screenwriter had taken quite a few liberties with the tale. I can’t describe my disappointment.

Since then, I have developed my own passion for writing and for fleshing out the stories that captivated me as a child. But, as I said when I started Full of Grace, I want to do it with integrity and as accurate as possible. I’m not overtly religious, but I do read the Bible and I am still fascinated by the stories therein. And if I am presenting Mary as a twelve-year-old child with doubts, hopes and dreams, which is more historically accurate then the young, pious woman the Church has been preaching for two millennia, how do I reconcile her praise in Luke 1:46-55? It is a beautiful magnification of God – BUT I don’t see it coming from the mouth of a pre-teen, who has just been sent away from her home for a pregnancy she had no control over and a future she may no longer have.

So I’m stuck. Again. I’ll eventually figure it out, but I’m open to suggestions…got any?

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