Full of Grace (15)

Below is the next section of Full of Grace. I decided to break up the scene, so to speak, into two parts, to give each character his own space. Enjoy! 

If you’re new to the story, you can click here to start from the beginning. And if you’re enjoying it, please tell others about it. 

* * *

28 Iyar

Elizabeth wipes the sweat from her brow and looks down at the progress she has made. Her garden is small, but it is big enough to provide for her and Zechariah.

And her son, she considers with a smile. She places her hand on her growing belly, barely able to contain the excitement welling up in her. In two months, she would be a mother…a mother!

“G-d, you are great,” she says and decides it’s time to go inside. Elizabeth rises slowly, resting her weight on her knees. She protectively wraps her hand around her midsection as she stands to her full height, and stretches out her back. Then she waddles into the house and finds her way to her work table, where she washes her hands. She is musing about the rest of her chores when she hears a quiet voice.

Doda, aunt.”

Elizabeth’s breath catches in her throat and a shiver runs down her spine. Before she can even turn round to greet her visitor, the child within her womb begins to leap and turn, so much so Elizabeth has to stop and catch her breath. He had never moved like this, but then this was different, this situation was different, she can feel it. She turns toward the door to see a young woman with long, black hair and piercing dark eyes.


It had been years since she last saw her, but she still recognized her.

Doda,” Mary says, more tentative than before. There is uncertainty in her stance, but Elizabeth is drawn to that which is in her: her strength, her practicality, her love. More than that, though, she is taken with the favor that covers her, the very fingerprint of G-d that rests on her.

“Mary,” she states. Elizabeth gathers her in her arms, as joy suddenly fills her. She can’t explain the moment, but knows G-d has orchestrated it; he is allowing her this blessing – a visit from the mashiac’s mother. “You are blessed among women and blessed” – Elizabeth pulls back from her and cups her face – “blessed is the fruit of your womb. Imagine, the mother of my Lord in my home!”

She takes in Mary’s hopeful expression and laughs.

“You know, when the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby leaped for joy inside me!” Elizabeth laughs again. “Oh my dear, you are blessed, you know that? Because you believed and now you will see fulfilled what our G-d has spoken. Just wait.”

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