You know how they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans? Yeah, well, I had plans tonight to write the next section of Full of Grace, to edit my screenplay and yada, yada, yada… but it’s 9:40 PM now as I write this and that’s just not going to get done tonight. So I thought an update was in order. And why not? I’ve got lofty plans and I’m sure God could use a good laugh.

So, first off, I am almost a third-way through Full of Grace, but again, I plan to finish the tale at the end of the year, so that it’s experienced in “real time” – or something like that. I’ve hit some bumps along the road, but that’s no different than anything else. I will post the next part tomorrow, and 2-3 posts per week thereafter.

My screenplay for Stepmothers Anonymous is moseying along.  I have at least 135 pages I need to eliminate and while that sounds like easy going, it really isn’t. My plan is to work through at least 10-15 pages a day to get me through the first draft and then work on polishing up the script after that to meet my end-of-the-year deadline.

Lastly, I completed the outline for my romance novel, Your Neighbor’s Love, today. I do have a handful of chapters written, but I work better when I have an outline to follow. My goals with this one is about a chapter a week – or perhaps more if I can complete my daily goals. I will feature maybe one or two more excerpts of this in the Six Sentence Sunday.

Of course, I’m also working on marketing my books, After the Call and Stepmothers Anonymous, and blogging on a regular basis. Plus I have a bio to write – probably the hardest thing on my list.

Anyway, those are my plans. Can you hear God chuckling?

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