Summer Solstice

Today is the summer solstice. I thought that was an interesting fact when I heard it this morning and knew I would blog about it. Why? Because today will be the longest day of 2012. Daylight will last a fraction of a second longer today than it did any other day, giving me extra time.

So what will you do with that extra time? you ask. Will you read the books you’ve been collecting on your ereader? Perhaps you will spend that time in the gym, so that you are healthier and happier? Maybe you will give that time to someone else and volunteer. Or maybe you will contemplate on the goodness of God.

Perhaps, you suggest, you should be selfish with your time. How much of it do you spend on others now? You need some ‘you’ time too. Go home early. Put your feet up. Ignore phone calls and emails. Contemplate on the purpose of life and if you are fulfilling it.

Okay, fine, it’s just a fraction of a second we’re talking about, but eventually seconds add up to minutes, minutes add up to hours, hours add up to days and days add up to years. And if you live long enough, years add up to a lifetime.

So what will I do with that extra time today?

Share it with you.

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