Know Your Audience

Middle-age men suffering from erectile dysfunction like to watch Science Fiction shows on Monday nights. How did I come to this conclusion? After watching two hours of programming on the SyFy network last Monday. Every other commercial was for Cialis, something I didn’t appreciate, but that’s because I am in no way, shape or form a member of their target audience.

When my book, Stepmothers Anonymous, was published, my husband insisted on being a good spouse and reading it. I was hesitant to even discuss it with him beforehand because as often as I had sought his opinion on matters, this was one thing I didn’t want his thoughts on. Why? He’s not a reader; and more than that, he doesn’t read Women’s Literature. I just knew he was going to hate it…

I’m not shallow enough to say I only want glowing reviews, but the truth is, I kinda am. I think we all are; we want to know that others like what we wrote because then it’s a validation of the hard work that went into it. But in order to achieve that, we have to target our work. We have to be willing to write for one kind of audience and exclude everyone else. We can’t be a one-size-fits-all type of author, because not everything we write will appeal to the masses. Heck, even the Bible is offensive to about half of the earth’s population, so why should I imagine that everyone will love my books? The fact is, I write for women because I am a woman. And that is all I need to know when I sit down and write.

So what did my husband think of my book? I didn’t ask, but he has been recommending it to his female friends and coworkers.

2 thoughts

  1. At least he’s showing an interest in read your work. I shared one short piece with my husband and he loved it, but has never been interested enough to read more. Although he’s more than happy to recommend it to everyone he meets, male or female. 😀

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