Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back to another edition of Six Sentence Sunday! Glad you stopped by. This week’s selection comes from my work-in-progress, Your Neighbor’s Love. Thrown together by fate, Leti and David have fallen in love, but the situation is hardly ideal, what with an unscrupulious ex, an obsessive neighbor and a dead wife who won’t stay dead. Emotionally drained,Leti’s decided she’s had enough.

* * *

Without looking back, Leti got into the back of her brother’s car and sank down into the seat. She didn’t want to leave, but she was fooling herself if she believed she and David could have a life together. Regardless of what she felt for him, she had to start growing up. She had think about the child she was carrying.

A lone, salty tear trickled down her face, taking with it all the confidence and strength she had. More tears followed, like a dam bursting open.

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