Just Go With It

I haven’t written much of Full of Grace in the past week or so, mainly because I’ve been stuck – again – but this time to the degree where I was beginning to wonder if the series was something I wanted to finish. I mean, I do want to complete the story, but it’s difficult when everything is fighting you.

At the onset of this story, I insisted on preparing an outline so I knew where I was going. It worked with my other novel, Stepmothers Anonymous, so it should have worked with this one, right?

Sure it did, just like using the same punishment for my kids worked wonderfully (I’m being sarcastic here; it just doesn’t have the same effect when it’s written). As a toddler, my son was quiet and respectful. Just the threat of punishment steered him in the right direction. Then there was my oldest girl: she was the opposite of my son and there was nothing I could say or do that would sway her mind from what she had decided, be it good or bad.

So I guess what I’m learning here is that there is no “cookie-cutter” method – not in life, and certainly not in writing. There will be times when we dictate the situation and other times when the situation will dictate our lives. The key is to just go with it. I haven’t failed, I just have to adapt. After all, what works one time will not necessarily work again.

No, Full of Grace is not following the story I laid out, but that’s okay. It seems the characters are developing as they should (or rather, as they want to) and I just need to continue following their lead. Now that I know this, the story can continue.

I’ll eventually get the hang of this “writing business” thing.

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