Full of Grace (25)

Happy Wednesday, Readers. Below is the next installment of Full of Grace. I think I’ve gone beyond the block I was experiencing and am able to move the story forward.

If you’re new to the story, you can click here to read it from the beginning; if you’re enjoying the tale, please share it with a friend. 

* * *

10 Tammuz

Staring at the blank parchment before her, Mary considers what to write. Everything she has penned to this point to her mother and father has been unsuccessful to her cause – to go home. What could she write this time that will change their minds? What words can she use that would make them realize she belonged in Nazareth, not Hebron? That Joseph would not turn her away but embrace their new destiny, their favor?

Words fail her though and Mary sets the pen down, feeling disheartened. And this day was supposed to be a happy one: Zechariah and Elizabeth’s son was to be circumcised; a mark of his identity as one of G-d’s people and a sign of his lineage, as heir to the promises of Abraham. The immediate and extended family would make the trip to the synagogue together, then return home to celebrate.

Mary chastises herself: she had no right to walk around feeling sorry for herself. She had to pull herself together so that she could join her uncle, aunt and new cousin in the festivities.

With her decision made, Mary feels her heart lighten. She thinks about the babe; he was perfect and perfectly formed. There were times she simply held him and marveled at him. He was a lot of work, yes, no different than her sisters, Oprah and Kyla, but there was something about him that brought joy to the members of the household, especially Zechariah and Elizabeth.

Zechariah remained deaf and dumb, despite the malakhs words to him; but this did not stop him from embracing the child. The love in his eyes for him was unmistakable. He had even begun spending more time away from his studies, enjoying the presence of his family for the first time in months. He was even smiling more, making Elizabeth’s joy complete. Mary had never seen her aunt happier than she was now and she knew it was because of what G-d had done for them.

A sense of peace envelopes her and Mary rolls up the parchment. She tucks it away and stands up. The letter could wait; she had a celebration to go to.

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