The Right Words; or Some Good Advice

Why is it so %^&*$ hard to write when you want to write? How long has it been since you’ve been truly inspired to let the creativity flow out of you? Where are the right words when you need them? I mean, it’s frustrating having all these ideas and words in your head, ready to burst, begging for organization and formation – and all you can do is play a game of Spider Solitaire or surf the Internet. So what do you do in those situations?

You write.

My high school art teacher always encouraged us to start drawing when we didn’t know what to draw – inspiration would begin to flow out of that exercise, she said. I also had an English teacher who said the same of writing – write until you figure out what you want to write.

I can’t say this is a tried and true technique for everyone, but it worked for my teachers and it’s worked for me. If you’re not drawing, then doodle; and if you’re not writing, then…write. I keep several active projects at one time – my blog, my blog series, my book, my journal and my other. The latter can be a story I’m developing, a synopsis I’m working through or an outline I’m rearranging. The words you write may not feel ‘right’, but as long as you are putting something down, exercising your gift, then they are ‘right’. So just keep writing. The story will develop in its own time – you can’t force it. All you’ll end up doing is frustrating yourself further and losing more games of solitaire.

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