Taxicab Mom

School starts in approximately eight days, some hours and a few minutes (math is not a strong subject for me). While my kids are far from happy about it, I find myself giddy with excitement. You see, the day they go back to school is the day my schedule returns to normal. No more running around three counties trying to get everyone to their activities. No more leaving work early to pick them up from camp. No more surprises to my schedule – just school and after-school activities.

I suppose that’s part of being the parent of teenagers. Their world is evolving and getting bigger, while ours seems to be getting smaller. As babies, we had to carry them around, show them new things and help them to experience life and all it had to offer. Sixteen years later, we are still carrying them around, but in a car, driving then from one place to another – volunteering, jobs, gymnastics, gym/training, etc. They are experiencing life, while I am getting to know the inside of my car real well. And I don’t even get a tip for it.

Everything has its own rewards, though. For the countless hours I spend taking my youngest daughter to gymnastics, it’s worth it to hear how she mastered a new skill. For the numerous hours I spend in traffic, taking my son to the SPCA and the Museum of Science, it’s worth it see his face light up because he got to spend the day with animals. For all the time I spend taking my oldest daughter to the gym, it’s fun to hear her talk about how she’s going to train to be a boxer, even while she does her make-up and dresses up all prissy. They’ve come a long way from the first time I held them and carried them, wondering what their lives would be like. And they still got a long way to go, but the truth is, as much as I feel like a taxicab driver right now, I don’t mind driving them towards their destinies.

Yes, I was going to write about the good things that come from having a schedule, but I think you’ll figure that out when I post more blogs on a regular basis. Right now, I’m just going to enjoy not driving anyone anywhere and watch my kids enjoy summer while they still have it.

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