Shameless Promotion (Part IV): Stepmothers Anonymous

Thanks for joining me again as I shamelessly promote my book, Stepmothers Anonymous. In today’s post, I am interviewing the author. That’s right, I am interviewing myself. While my husband contends that’s just weird and it reflects directly on my sanity, or lack thereof, I thought it would make for interesting reading. Plus, who can delve better into your mind than you? Then again, this could be misconstrued as me having a conversation with myself. Whether that’s good or bad, we’ll decide later; right now, enjoy the interview.

* * *

Me: Welcome, Ruth. Thanks for coming today.

Ruth: Glad to be here. And thank you for this opportunity to promote my book.

Me: You’re welcome. Now…

Ruth: I must ask though; why did you chose to lead into this interview with that particular excerpt yesterday?

Me: The one where Abbey runs over her stepdaughter’s foot?

Ruth: Yes.

Me: I thought it was fitting. It revealed the essence of the book.

Ruth: That wasn’t the essence I wrote. Fairy tales, happy-ever-after’s – those are the core of the book.

Me: Yeah, but life is not all fairy tales and H.E.A’s.

Ruth: It should be. Isn’t that what you wrote in our bio?

Me: Yes, but I think perhaps we’re losing focus. I’m not the one being interviewed here.

Ruth: Yeah, you are, in a Freudian kind of way.

Me: [No answer].

Ruth: You know, they make medicines for this kind of thing.

Me: [Flustered] Just answer the question.

Ruth: You haven’t asked one yet. You’re not very good this, you know.

Me: [Nostrils flaring, breathes in slowly] Let’s just get back to the interview, shall we?

Ruth: I don’t know, can we?

Me: [Ignoring her] Let’s discuss why you wrote the book. What inspired you?

Ruth: [Glaring at Me and refusing to answer]

Me: Well?

Ruth: Fine! I ran over my stepson’s foot. Between that and the nature of our relationship, I was feeling kinda crappy. Then one day, I was watching this crappier kids’ movie about a stepmother who took over fairy tale world and I thought I could do better. So I played around with some ideas until I came up with the story that eventually became Stepmothers Anonymous.

Me: So this is like reality meets fiction.

Ruth: Yeah, fine, whatever.

Me: Now what’s wrong?

Ruth: Well, I don’t want that to be the focus of the promotion. Yes, I used my experience for it, but it’s not autobiographical. I don’t have secret super-human powers I hide from everyone; nor do I head up a stepmothers’ support group – though that’s not a bad idea. This is a modern day retelling of Cinderella and Snow White and that’s it. It’s just a story – and a damn good one.

Me: You’re very passionate about it.

Ruth: Of course I am. I spend a good deal of time on it. It’s my heart, my baby; and a damn good book.

Me: Do you have to keep saying that?

Ruth: What? Damn?

Me: How about very? Let’s say it was a very good book.

Ruth: Damn gets the point across.

Me: Fine. So what do you want to get across to you readers?

Ruth: It’s a damn good book. Get it, read it, pass it on. Tell your friends it’s a…

Me: We get it.

Ruth: And it’s on sale too. 99c gets you an ecopy; $12.99+shipping gets you a paperback. Or you can win a copy of it.

Me: Yes, we have an advertisement included with all that information.

Ruth: Really, where?

Me: Right there, right below this interview.

Ruth: Oh, cool. Check that out.

Me: Check it out indeed.

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