Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

I have every intention of going back to my writing schedule, but life keeps presenting opportunities and I decided a long time ago I would take advantage of said opportunities when they presented themselves. So what’s today’s opportunity? Transparency.

I am a wife, mother, writer and artist. I am an introvert and a fairly organized individual (or obsessive compulsive, depending on your point of view). I’m not terribly witty, and I’m slow when it comes to thinking on my feet. The one thing I don’t often share, though, is that I am also bipolar. I have more good days than bad, but being a statistic has opened my eyes and my heart to those who suffer with this disease and many other mental illnesses. And rightly so: 90% of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable and treatable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death. Every 14.2 minutes someone in the United States dies by suicide, while more than 1,000,000 people make a suicide attempt every year. More people in the world will die from suicide than war and murder combined.

But they don’t have to: suicide is preventable. So what can we do?  Take five minutes to learn the signs, spread the word and reach out. You can get more information at the World Suicide Prevention Day website.  That’s all it takes – five minutes to care, five minutes to save a life.

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