Passing the Baton; or A Mother’s Pride

For those of you who have read my blog before, you know I have three and a half teenagers (it’ll be officially four in May 2013). Each child has developed into their own person, their own individual. Where they got half the stuff they do, I don’t know (at least that’s what I tell people), but it’s been an amazing ride these past sixteen years. And it was none more apparent than last night.

My oldest son is an artist, and lately, he’s been getting a lot of recognition and freelance work for his talent, which is pretty neat, considering this was something I didn’t experience as an artist until I was well into my twenties. Well, after showing off some of this work at a youth meeting, he was asked to design a tattoo sleeve. Think about it, his work is going to be displayed on someone’s body! Very cool; but the full significance of it didn’t hit me until this morning: he is stepping into his own. He is utilizing his talent for the happiness of others, and finding joy in what he does. That is an incredible and fortuitous accomplishment and I am quite proud of him.

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