What’s next…

On Sunday, I posted my last excerpt from Judah and Tamar for Six Sentence Sunday. While I have enjoyed writing the tale and prepping it for January’s debut, this means I will need to find another story to share on Sundays. I believe I have found it: Ruth and Boaz.

Admittedly, Biblical stories are my favorite; and like the tales of Judah and Tamar and Mary and Joseph, Ruth and Boaz offer an account rich in romance, love, faith, tragedy, joy and hope. I’ve read the book since I was a little girl (yes, mostly because I was named after the heroine), but it was only in the last few years that I’ve discovered a depth to the account I had never read before. This inspired me to write, or rewrite, the story and while some of it is still in the planning stages, the major “moments” have been placed on paper and will be shared with you, dear reader. I’m looking forward to it.

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