Full of Grace (36)


I’ve redesigned the cover for this tale, though ultimately I plan for it to be a part of a bigger compilation of Biblical stories. If you’re just joining me, you can click here to read the tale from the beginning.

Mary sits on her parents’ bed, listening as Joseph and her father talk. The hour was late and the storm had subsided, but plans had to be made, plans for her future.

Anna walks into the room, leaving the door ajar and joins her on the bed. Mary leans into her, resting her head on her shoulder, as her mother puts her arm around her. Neither speak, glad for reprieve they’ve been given.

“Mary, I’m sorry,” Anna eventually says. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”

Mary nods. As nice as it was to be vindicated, this was not something she needed to hear from her mother in order to forgive her. She knew everything Anna did was based on love, driven by fear, and while it would have been nice for her to believe her when she first told her, what counted now was that she believed her now.

Unexpectedly, Anna sits up and stares at Mary.

“I’m going to become a grandmother, aren’t I?” she asks, with sudden realization.

Mary smiles and responds with a chuckle.

“I guess I will need to write to Elizabeth too. I’ve missed so much because I wouldn’t believe. You said she had a boy…?”

“His name is John.”

“That’s a good name,” Anna says, then falls silent again, before drawing Mary to her . It occurs to Mary that it would be the last time they would do this – sit there as Mother and Daughter. She would be wife before the day had ended, joining Joseph at his home with his mother. And in a few short months she herself would become a mother.

She sighs with contentment and closes her eyes.

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