New Direction

If you do something long enough, eventually you find it’s not the same thing you started doing. It evolved somewhere along the way. I started my writing career with a Christian, non-fiction book, but as I continued writing, I found there were many stories – romances, mysteries, comedies, dramas – I wanted to write. And not just books, but screenplays, telescripts and graphic novels. That’s where Stepmothers Anonymous was born. But in the year since it was published, my focus has once again shifted. I’ve begun two Biblical novellas and have a third one in the works. Eventually, I want to create several compilations of Biblical tales grouped together by a common theme (creation, patriarchs, etc.), but right now, I simply want to write stories about individuals like Mary and Joseph, Judah and Tamar and Boaz and Ruth. And because I am a women’s author, I want my stories to center on women, as that is what I see when I read them (take Moses, for instance – his life was surrounded by and dictated by the women in his life: the mother who saved him, the princess who raised him, the first wife who loved him, the second wife who manipulated him and the sister who was jealous of him) and this, for me, is what will make my take on these stories different. It’s not the story you tell, but how you tell that story. I suspect my direction will change again, but that’s okay – I’ll just change with it. It’s worked so far.

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