Full of Grace (41)

Happy Thanksgiving! I am especially grateful for you, my dear reader, for you are the other half to my author equation and I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

Below is the next installment of Full of Grace. You can click here to read the story from the beginning. Enjoy. 

* * *

Mary opens her eyes and stretches out her arms. The room is quiet and she is alone. Joseph is gone to Morning Prayer, no doubt…leaving her to sleep in. She shakes her head, feeling the guilt, but not for very long. A smile creeps up on her face at the thought of Joseph. She couldn’t have asked for a better, more patient husband, willing to wait until she was ready. Certainly she would adjust soon enough, but until then she wouldn’t have to worry or feel anxious about anything.

After dressing and saying a quick prayer, Mary makes her way downstairs to the main room. The house is bigger than hers – her parents’, she corrects herself – and while it would add to her chores, it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle.

“Did you sleep well?”

Mary turns around towards Miriam, who stands at the worktable gazing at her. Her voice is grave and humorless and her demeanor is anything but friendly. Then Miriam’s eyes drop to her midsection; Mary shifts her own gaze downward, uncomfortable with her scrutiny.

“I…I did,” Mary stammers, knowing she had to respond her mother-in-law.

“I didn’t wake you when I went to get water or start cooking, did I?“ Miriam asks with a measure of sarcasm in her voice.

Mary shakes her head, too hurt to speak.

“Because the chores will not do themselves when the woman of the house sleeps in,” Miriam adds, turning back to the table. And with that, she goes back to rolling out the dough for the day’s meals.

Mary is too stunned to move.

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