This Time of Year…

I like this time of year. I have my personal heater on and as I work, I am listening to Sting’s Christmas Album, If On A Winter’s Night, inspiring me towards the hope, goodwill and a general sense of contentedness that defines this season. It’s a good way to end the year.

I think back to the goals I made twelve months ago and thus far I’m not sure I’ve completed anything on the list, but I’ve grown, as a person, a mother and wife and an author. That’s success in my book.

So, as we prepare to enter a new year, I find my goals for 2013 are not so different from what they were many months ago, but perhaps with a more ‘narrowed’ perspective. I have a new direction to travel – Biblical fiction – and plan to release two novellas in 2013, Judah and Tamar and Boaz and Ruth. I will also continue to market my books and my blogs as well as attempt make my literary presence more known.

That is, until I change my mind about everything.

Until then, I’ll just enjoy the newness of this holiday and hope for the best, all to the sounds of There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue by Sting.

Click here to find out what I don’t like about this time of year…

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