Full of Grace (43)

Happy Friday! I hope it’s a good day, wherever you are. I’ve attached the next installment of Full of Grace. We’re quickly coming to the end of it. If you want to read it from the beginning, click here. Enjoy. 

* * *

Going back to work was harder than Joseph imagined. When he wasn’t with Mary, he spent his days thinking of her. He understood now why King Solomon wrote, a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. She served him gladly, cleaning and cooking for him during the day and spending time with him in the evening – and all without complaint. Being with child was not easy and he knew that his mother could be hard to get along with; still Mary seemed to handle it all skillfully. She was a gift to him and he appreciated that, especially now as she removes his sandals and washes his feet. It had been a long day, most of which was spent working on his feet and though Joseph had objected to Mary bending down before him, she had insisted on doing so. He couldn’t deny he felt better now, though; and after a full meal, he was ready for sleep.

Mary stands upright, offering him that smile he had come to associate with her. She gazes at him as she did earlier when he came home and again, he is entranced by her…

With quite suddenness, Mary places her hand on her belly and lets out a cry.

“What’s wrong?” Joseph asks, reaching for her.

Her face goes from shock to surprise. Then the corners of her mouth inch up, forming a smile.

“I felt the baby,” she says with awe in her voice. Before Joseph can say anything, she takes his outstretched hand and places it on her belly, the most intimate they had been. He feels the warmth of her body beneath his hand and for a moment, he forgets why he is touching her.

Then he feels it – a jab against his hand. It’s just slight enough to be noticeable and Joseph looks away from Mary’s eyes to her belly. Something was growing in there. No, someone was growing within her. The Mashiac. This was more than just an idea or a claim – this child, this savior was real.

“Did you feel it?” she asks in the same tone.

Joseph looks up at her again. He wants to say yes; he wants to take her in his arms and hold her, but feeling the child has only made Mary seem more intangible. She was chosen of G-d. She carried his seed. She had no need of him.

He nods his head, releasing his hold on her.

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