Full of Grace (44)

Greetings! Thanks for stopping back by for another installment of Full of Grace. I hope you’re enjoying it. The ebook form will be available for Christmas, so look for that announcement. 

* * *

“Girls!” Anna calls after her daughters.

They stop briefly, waiting for her to catch up. But their attention is soon captured by an insect hopping into the path. They follow after it, forgetting their mother behind them. Anna sighs and gives up trying to keep up. With the jug on her hip, she proceeds towards the well, her strides slow and steady. She is lost in her thoughts, thinking about the day ahead of her.

Before she arrives at the well, she hears voices, women talking, laughing. Anna groans, not caring to partake of anyone’s company today. She usually tried to arrive early enough to avoid her neighbors, but with two little girls in tow, it was extremely difficult to do so.

Anna pushes forward and sees three women in the distance, one of them Mary. She smiles. Always glad for a chance to see her daughter, she quickens her pace. Oprah and Kyla have found another insect in the distance to entertain them and don’t see it’s their sister at the well.

The closer she gets, though, the more she realizes not all is well. The other women, Rachel and another girl from town she doesn’t recognize, are harassing Mary. Anna’s instincts kick in and she rushes forward. Rachel is the first to notice her and offers a charming smile. Mary seems relieved to see her mother.

Shalom, Anna,” she says.

Anna foregoes the niceties and states, “Go home, girls,” as she places the jar besides the opening of the well.

“We have as much right to be here as you do.”

“Where are your jars then? Or are you just here to bother an innocent girl?”

“She’s hardly innocent. Look at her. Look how big she is. Whose child is she carrying? Is it Joseph’s? I think she trick him in marrying her.”

Anna turns to her daughter. Her opinion biased, she can’t help but smile to see how beautiful Mary is. Her face has filled out with the expansion of her belly and her countenance is glowing. Anna returns her attention to Rachel and replies, “Envy does not look good on you, Rachel. Now go home and stop bothering Mary.”

Rachel’s mouth falls open, but no words come out. Obviously offended, she turns around and leaves in a huff, her friend following running after her.

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