The Making of a Book Cover…Or Perhaps Not

I am excited about my upcoming series Judah and Tamar; and being a visual person, I am playing with ideas for the book cover. I love the paintings of the Renaissance,  and so I tend look to this time period for resources. It’s a process that proved successful for Full of Grace; and why not? There is a plethora of paintings of the Madonna and Holy Child – a beautiful and timeless classic. However, the same cannot be said for Judah and Tamar; in my research, I have only found a handful of paintings that were done and to be honest, none are very appealing.


Tamar isn’t wearing a veil; this then turns the story to knowing incest – ewww!

judah and tamar - horace vernet 1789-1863

Tamar covered her face, but let her chest hang out? Maybe that’s why Judah stopped!

judah and tamar - ferdinand bol 1644

Judah looks suspicious and Tamar looks sick…nothing enticing enough for me to pick up the book and read it. 

arent de degelder_judah-tamar 1667

Judah is choking Tamar. Is it foreplay? S&M? Or did he just find out she deceived him? Regardless, not something I would want to read. 

So you see my dilemma. I am a little disappointed and will have to reconsider my strategy on this, but I remain enthusiastic about the story nonetheless. It’s going to be a good one and the start of a great series.

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