The Pledge (3)

Greetings. Tonight’s post is short, given the hour and my need for sleep. I will look to post a longer part on Saturday. Until then, read on. You can start from the beginning by clicking here. And thanks for stopping by my blog. 

* * *


The good-byes are quick and Judah is on the road at dawn. His mother had, of course, packed him extra food and clothes, making sure he should want for nothing. She had admonished him repeatedly about not trusting the family and even slipped him a few extra coins in addition to the bag of money his father had given him. He was the son of Jacob, after all – he couldn’t just show up in Hebron with nothing.

Even his father had spared him a farewell…of sorts.

“You and I are not so different,” he had stated.

Judah said nothing out of respect, but in his heart, he knew he was nothing like the man who sired him. And it wasn’t as if Jacob elaborated any further; no, he simply added what Judah should say when he met Isaac and Rebekkah, Jacob’s parents, then patted him on the shoulder before sending him on his way.

Everything was said and done between them; and that’s the way it should have been.

Traveling with four Shemite servants, who had been born and raised in the house of Isaac, Judah takes in the surroundings as they ride away from the land that had his from birth. He knows he is walking away from his inheritance, but as the world opens up to him, Judah doesn’t care as much as he should. He knows how to work hard and one day he would amass his own fortune, so what did he have to fear?

The conversation is minimal between Judah and the servants, even as the hours pass and turn into days.  Since he had never traveled outside of Padan-aram, he could not lead caravan – only follow and listen as they talk amongst themselves. Judah quietly listens, taking deliberate steps on the hot, hard ground. The sun bears down on his back, but he takes no notice, especially as they come to Adullam.

The brick and mortar walls stand high as trees against the sandy backdrop.

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