The Pledge (7)

It’s always interesting to me to read other authors comment about how real their characters are and how they lead them in writing the story. I guess this is true of me as well, because even though I have the story outlined in my mind, Judah seems to driving the tale right now. And I think you will find it surprising where he takes it. 

Tonight’s post is short, as I am battling a cough and sore throat, but it sets it up to the core of the story – that Judah was not an innocent bystander to his life. If you are just joining us, you can click here to read the story from the beginning. And as always, thanks for stopping by my blog. 

* * *

He stops in his track, openly watching as the girl, this woman, walks by him, a knowing smile on her face. Though she does not make eye contact with him, Judah is certain she sees the fool he is making of himself. But there were no women quite as beautiful as she back in Padan-Aram and Judah could not help himself.

“Pick up your jaw before someone trips on it,” Hirah advises him as the girl continues walking away.

Judah instinctively closes his mouth, his eyes still on her as she disappears into the crowd.

“Who was that?”

“Her name is Alit,” Hirah replies, his gaze following Judah’s.

Judah does not immediately respond, but takes in the information. Alit. The name fit her perfectly.

“She, my friend, is off limits,” Hirah continues. And only then does Judah turn to him, a puzzled look on his face. “She is Shua’s daughter. He is a ‘certain’ Canaanite, who is not to be trifled with. Many have sought her hand in marriage, including myself, but none have captured her fancy, or more importantly, her father’s blessing.”

Discouragement sets in for Judah. To see someone so… beautiful, so enticing, and then be told she was unattainable?

“Then, again, you might be the only one with any kind of chance.”

Hope stirs in his heart for a moment.

“What do you mean?”

Hirah offers Judah a bow and mockingly remarks, “Your highness.”

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