The Pledge (13)

Greetings and Happy Easter. I’ve had the last few days off and have been enjoying them a little too much and not getting any writing done [frown]. Still the story continues, little by little, but with the release of the book coming in a few months, the posts will become more consistent. You can click here to read the story from the beginning. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

* * *

With uneasiness in her stomach, Tamar follows her husband, Er, into their wedding chamber. They are about to consummate their marriage, while their families continue feasting. She is no stranger to the act, having given herself in the name of Ba’al Mot, but this time, it’s out of love – for her at least. Tamar knew Er had agreed to the union because of his father, but there was an attraction there they couldn’t deny and eventually he would love her. Of this she was certain.

Er pulls her into their room and without waiting to shut the door, takes Tamar in his arms and kisses her. All thoughts are lost to one – being with Er. She lets him lead her to the bed, his lips still on hers, his whiskers rubbing against her face. Once there, Er carefully eases her down onto the bed. She is ready to object, until Er starts disrobing; then she just watches with fascination. He is handsome, more so than any other man she had seen; and as he stares down at her, a hungry look in his eyes, she wonders if she will be enough for him.


The festivities continue for a week. There is an abundance of food, of dancing and of revelry. Beer and strong drink flow freely as the people celebrate. Er is drunk for most of the week but he manages to dote on Tamar, making her feel special. She gushes at the attention, proud to be one of them now, proud to belong to the house of Judah.

The week ends too soon, though, and Er must return to work. While he is managing his father’s trading, Tamar sets her mind to serving Er as any good wife would. Her house is one of two on Judah’s estate; a modest abode, with a second floor, a courtyard and a servant. Yes, a servant. This was a new experience for Tamar and as she takes everything in that first day, Tamar realizes how much her life has changed with her marriage to Er. It was going to be a good life, a life of ease and she liked that.

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