The Pledge (14)

Greetings. Below is another installment of The Pledge. The story is coming along, though the transitions seem to be the most challenging. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You can click here to read the story from the beginning.

* * *

What she does not like, though, is the scrutiny of her mother-in-law. A beautiful woman despite her age, Alit is the personification of refinement and class. She holds her head up always and never looks down, befitting the name ben Jacob perfectly. But when it comes to Tamar, Alit looks down long enough to make her feel inferior. Granted, the woman never said anything contrary to her, but Tamar knows, she sees it in Alit’s eyes: no one was good enough for Er. And given the proximity of her home to Alit’s, the reminder was constant.

Still, Tamar chooses to ignore Alit and focus on Er – he was her life now. And with her servant Ofra’s help, she arranges her home so it is a warm and pleasing place to come home to.

Except Er doesn’t.

The first time it happens, Tamar convinces herself she had simply forgotten he was traveling. The words are not enough to comfort her heart and it’s only after he makes it home late does she feel better. Though she is tired, Tamar gets up to see him.

“Go back to sleep,” he tells her, with a kiss to her cheek.

Tamar is disappointed that he doesn’t want to see her, but she obeys. She falls asleep with the hope she will see Er in the morning, but he is already gone when she gets up. With a sigh, Tamar starts her day, directing Ofra in her duties. She tries not to think of Er, but she can’t help it, especially when Er does not come home the next night. She goes to bed, telling herself there was nothing to worry about: they had been married only for a few short weeks. His work was important, he was important. He was the son of Judah ben Jacob. The last thing he needed was a worrisome wife.

But worry she does, day after day, week after week as Er seemingly changes.

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