The Pledge (15)

I just noticed I am one post away from 200 – a milestone! We should have cupcakes to celebrate. While I work on that, you can read the next excerpt from The Pledge. The story is moving itself right along and I was able to catch up, despite my vacation time. You can click here to read the story from the beginning; and as always, thanks for stopping by my blog. 

* * *

“When will you be giving me a grandson?” Alit asks.

Tamar is at her mother-in-law’s house, helping to prepare for a banquet in honor of Judah. Alit stands over her, making sure everything is up to her standards.

Have I been married long enough to be with child? Tamar wonders as she wipes her hands on her apron and makes eye contact with the woman. She had lived with Er as his wife for months now, so the answer was yes. But he was often gone – either traveling with Judah or just sleeping elsewhere – and not around to give her his seed.

This was not something she could tell his mother, though; it would certainly come off as accusatory and the woman would defend Er like a protective mother bear. She had seen her do the same for Onan, who was a few years younger than Er, and Shelah, who was only seven. Though he was held up to the greatest esteem by the Adullamites, he had grown up further north and often differed on how their boys should be raised. Alit won out every time and it was this voracity that made Tamar rethink her response.

Not that Tamar would accuse Er of anything – he was her husband and she loved him greatly. But to not know where he was at night, and sadly whom he was with… That was her greatest concern, that Er was sleeping around with other women. Certainly, it wouldn’t come as a surprise, given the rumors she had heard about her father-in-law. But to actually experience it, to know that her husband was committing adultery was too much.

“Girl,” Alit says sharply. She returns Tamar’s gaze, Tamar realizes she had been staring off, lost in her thoughts.

“I’m sorry,” she apologizes, as she hangs her head. She imagines this is how Ofra and the other servants feel – totally inadequate. “I was just…”

Alit waves her hand.

“Never mind. Just finish up.”

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