A Trip Down Memory Lane

A former college roommate of mine contacted me a few weeks ago. Apparently I left a box of items with her when we parted ways and she wanted to send it to me before she left the country (she’s a teacher in Saudi Arabia). I gave her my address and didn’t give the box a second thought until yesterday, when it arrived. To say I was surprised was an understatement. Understandably, some of the stuff was weathered and beyond repair, but the rest of it provided a trip down memory lane:

  • A Trapper Keeper folder – the designer series.
  • A coupon for Jolly Ranchers that expired in 1993 (my oldest daughter found this particularly entertaining enough to add to her Instagram portfolio).
  • Letters from my friends and family, dating back to 1992 (again my oldest daughter found this also interesting, if not just a little confusing – “why do you have so many letters?! Oh yeah, it was the 90s. No texting or email!”)
  • Pictures of my high school graduation, my 15th birthday and my friends (to which both my daughters asked what was wrong with my hair? Why was it so big and poofy?).
  • My college report card (it was bad).
  • Results of my high school proficiency exam (100% in writing, which to me says I was always meant to write, but when I pointed this out to my youngest, who feels my writing is just a hobby, she replied with, “And? If I get a 100% on my math test, does that mean I’m supposed to be a mathematician? I don’t think so!)
  • The beginnings of another novel I had forgotten about.

I’ve not been able to go through everything – indeed it’s going to take another week or so before I will reach the bottom of the box. Even so, it’s been the beginning of a pleasant trip and I look forward to reliving the memories.

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