When Did I Turn Into An Adult?

Summer is officially over, which means my life can go back to normal. My inability to function without a permanent schedule has hindered progress in every area of my life; but as the kids go back to school, participate in extracurricular activities and live by an agenda so tight it would make most prisons seem like a funhouse, I find that life is once again structured and delightfully rigid. Order, deadlines, requisition forms – these are what make a productive life, not endless vacations and amusing distractions. No one can perform when everything is fun, fun, fun. Otherwise all would crumble into chaos. My art would suffer, my writing wouldn’t get done and according to my kids, I would turn into some kind of dinosaur that threatens to eat them any time they misbehave. It would be utter and complete madness. Fortunately, summer vacation only lasts 10 weeks…

It’s funny how things change: I remember being young and complaining that unfortunately my summer vacation was only 10 weeks. What a difference an adverb and 25 years make.

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