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I am happy to announce the launching of my new blog, Stepmothers Anonymous. You’ll note it has the same title as my book. Even several years after publishing and two books to follow, this story remains my favorite. It was meant to be therapeutic only, a way of me dealing with my role as a [wicked] stepmother, but it has grown to be more than that. And when an experience changes you, you’re almost obligated to direct that change in others.

When I was beginning the marketing process on Stepmothers Anonymous, the idea came to create a blog/website for it, since the characters in the book had one. Setting it up was the easy part; the bigger part, of course, will be parceling my time to keep it and my other blogs updated, but that is a matter of scheduling. There is no lack of topics when it comes to stepparenting, teenagers and guilt. And while this blog is primarily for stepmothers, it is open to others who share in the issues that all parents deal with, because, like one character said when a mother asked to join the stepmother support group, any way you say it, we are all mothers.

Now, with the holiday season fast approaching (only 98 days until Christmas), I’ll be promoting my books, Stepmothers Anonymous and Full of Grace as well as releasing my latest, The Pledge. Stay tuned for the promotions as well as news of the publish date.

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog.

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